I got a query from a colleague who monthly needs to print many documents from a folder in a document library. This was taking them a lot of time, and they asked me to enable 'something' to print all the documents at once. There are commercial products to achieve this, but for tens of documents there's a free workaround.

Here are my documents in O365 (though this is identical in 2013, and 2010);

Documents in SharePoint

Simply click on the venerable 'Open with Explorer' option;

Open with explorer

In explorer you can select up to fifteen documents at once, and a print button remains visible. This cuts down the work of multi-document printing a lot! The documents can't be mixed, so this doesn't work for e.g. PDFs and Word together, but you can sort on the Type column to get everything into one batch.

Print Multiple Documents in SharePoint

Happy SharePointing!