A representative of Microsoft contacted me recently to discuss some of the Variations bugs I've described in this blog. In a nice proactive way they seem to be looking at the errors described online and trying to reproduce them, with a view to a fix.

With my customer hat on I have to say I'm quite pleased with such behaviour. Sharepoint is an important product that deserves to be the best it can be. This sort of action by Microsoft is a positive move to achieving that. 

The two issues we discussed were Variations breaking when a site url is renamed, and where deleting a variation label trashes the Relationships List. I no longer work for the company who experienced the url rename issue, but I was able to broker an introduction between them and the Microsoft rep. The Variation Label issue was reproduced after a round of email between Redmond and I.

 All in all quite satisfying. Now they know I'm not making these bugs up! ;)