Jamie McAllister is Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

I recently received an email telling me that I have been chosen to speak at the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013 in London next April. I'm really honoured to have the opportunity to present a session (and as it's in London I get to use the British spelling of words!).

Why am I honoured? Well for several reasons;

First just look at the speakers that have been lined up. Most of the speakers there this year have helped or inspired me through their online materials and presentations. How many working hours have I saved by using their Powershell scripts, code samples, points of view and insights that they made freely available to the community? Thousands easily. Having the opportunity to meet these folks face to face is just amazing.

Then the fact that this conference is in a signature year for a new version of SharePoint - 2013. There's always a great buzz when a new version is released, and all the new and revised capabilities of the product remain to be explored.

Also, we have the location, London. I've worked in London for several years in the past and know it well. The place is steeped in history and culture, and frankly it's also quite the party town. It's the tenth birthday of Combined Knowledge this year, and there have been a few rumours circulating that this is going to make for extra special celebrations during the days and nights of the conference. I have no details, but the happy smiles of those who do know tell an interesting story! :)

There's no complaint from me as I head to the boulangerie for my breakfast Pain au Chocolat, but the prospect of three days of Full English in the heart of Blighty is something to look forward to. :) It looks like it's going to be a truly excellent event, and I hope you can join me there.

Happy SharePointing!

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