Make Your Fortune from Sharepoint Blogging

The blog is approaching a year old, so I though it'd be fun to show how the visitor numbers have increased for this blog over that time. I use Google Analytics to gather stats about this site. If you haven't checked it out you should. It can also be used on Sharepoint portals, but that's another story. Anyway, I enabled Analytics at the start of February 2008, and this is how the visitor graph looks;  


You can see a definate ramp up of visitor numbers there, hitting about 70 a day now. The growth has been steady with a dip for Christmas when people were more concerned with Turkey dinners than Sharepoint. The zig zag nature of the graph amuses me too - no-one is bothered about Sharepoint at the weekend, it's just a work thing OK! ;) I don't have the stats to compare, but it would be interesting to know how Sharepoint adoption grew during the same period.

The next stat shows the visits and page views for the period. Impressed at the average time on page, some of these postings are actually being read!

Where do my blog hits come from? Here is the answer;

1. 2,614
2. 744
3. 603
4. 436
5. 278
6. 266
7. 212
8. 182
9. 157
10. 151

Our good friends in the USA seem the most interested in Sharepoint. Quite a 'western world' centric set of stats really, except for a very creditable third place by India. [India is the cradle of mathematics, and now an I.T. powerhouse! Some connection perhaps?]

I had 98 countries listed in the stats, want to see the bottom ten?

88. 1
89. 1
90. 1
91. 1
92. 1
93. 1
94. 1
95. 1
96. 1
97. 1
98. 1

So, have my nearly 12k of pageviews made my fortune? Not on your nelly! Here are the earnings stats for this month;

You might conclude that I should take the ads off my site to save space for the articles! They're not exactly meeting my web hosting costs just yet! 2 ad clicks per 550 page impressions is above average as I understand it, so a bit more work to do on my visitor volumes! Time to write a few more articles! Can we get up to 700 a day this time next year?

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