SharePoint MVP for 2013

This evening I received an email from Microsoft saying that I had been made a SharePoint MVP for 2013. Talk about an unexpected piece of news - though of the nice variety! :)

It's strange to be given an award for my work with SharePoint. I'm still getting used to the fact I get paid in my day job for working with great people and computers, so getting an award for a hobby (which is how I think of my work on the forums et al) is really cool.

Well, the upshot of all this is that there's more to come. Hopefully you've found some of the material I put together in 2012 useful, that was the year I finally embraced webcasts and video tutorials. In April 2013 I'll be speaking at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London, and I have other videos and material planned.

Many thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and watch this space.

Happy New Year, and... Happy SharePointing!

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