These are a few links that add a little value to my talk about End User Solution adoption in large organizations.

First off, Andrew Woodward penned some thoughts on how to Define Measurable Outcomes in SharePoint. This is often lacking on SharePoint projects frankly, so that is worth a read; Here it is.

I like to do demo's during my sessions, though that's not particularly practical for my time slot at the conference. The techniques I would show you when working with InfoPath, Visio Services et al were captured in this webcast I did here; End User Solutions Webcast from Experts Exchange.

In support of the above I've also posted a number of tutorial videos covering InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and Visio which I will be expanding in future. That's here; YouTube Channel for Jamie McAllister MVP

Finally, the licensing for the Services that make up End User Solutions are pretty straightforward. The picture is a lot more nuanced for hosted SharePoint though. I must admit when I was initially asked about what Service was included with the Cloud offering I couldn't answer as there are umpteen subscriptions with different features included. A link to the feature matrix for the cloud offering is included in my article here; Services Included with the Different SharePoint Cloud Subscriptions.