Was sparing a thought for my blog the other day, as I found myself facing a dilemna. The dilemna is do you tell people about your blog, especially in situations such as job hunting or to prove credentials to clients.

On the one hand, this blog is great as it proves (with timestamps) that I've been putting together effective SharePoint solutions for clients for several years. On the downside, some of the assumptions, and certainly the code samples are several years old and don't benefit from subsequent experience. (Try finding time to re-visit blog posts when you have a busy job and family - not easy! :)  )

I've received some nice feedback about some of the articles, and definately some people have been helped, and perhaps saved days of effort by the code etc posted here. However, looking at the code samples nowadays I'm painfully aware of a lack of Using{} braces to ensure my SPSite objects are disposed properly, or that Reflection isn't used to pull back attributes of the Relationships List as it is in my production code.

As I've always said the code here is posted as an aid, but isn't production code. Cut and paste, and then make it ready for your particular needs.

Happy coding!