I've been using BlogEngine.Net for several years now, but it was starting to show its age. The mobile experience wasn't great and the new requirement of Google to have your content under HTTPS (or be de-ranked and marked as insecure) was going to be costly to retrofit to the-north.com

At the MVP summit recently there was a bunch of good advice on career, not just direct tech topics (also a bunch of free food, hence the post photo, but I digress as usual). I went to a rather good talk by Aussie MVP Troy Hunt about Hacking Your Career. Various pieces of advice in there I'll refer to soon in this blog, but one was his choice of Blog platform. He was saying that he uses Ghost amd Cloudflare provides HTTPS to that for free. Sounded good so I checked it out.

It's true. My Ghost hosting costs about 60c a day, and Cloudflare was indeed free. Setup took perhaps 15 minutes for everything, with slightly more involved work to port the legacy blog content over.

My testing indicates this new blog renders on mobile very well. Any issues let me know, and I'll detail the steps to port content to Ghost in a later post.