I was putting together some CSOM Managed code to update an existing Choice column in SharePoint. Noticed that existing online examples show creating a new column or reading the values in a column, but nothing about update. The Red Herring that is the SchemaXml property on Field sent me the wrong way for a few minutes. Finally realized that by using the CastTo method on the context I could get a FieldChoice instance rather than just a Field. Once you have that the Choices are defined as a string array so very easy to update or replace. Here's the code;


using (ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext("http://MyServer/MySite"))


                Field genericField = ctx.Web.Lists.GetById(listID).Fields.GetById(fieldGuid);

                FieldChoice fldChoice = ctx.CastTo<FieldChoice>(genericField);


                fldChoice.Choices = “MyChoice1;MyChoice2;MyChoice3”.Split(";".ToCharArray());