Here is the supporting material for the Webinar. This should bring you a long way towards rolling your own end user solutions. :)

YouTube Tutorials;

SharePoint 2010 Add Web Part to InfoPath List Form

SharePoint and InfoPath 2010 - Add Repeating Sections to Forms

SharePoint and InfoPath 2010 - Conditionally Hide Form Fields

Binding Visio Diagrams to SharePoint 2010 Data

SharePoint Designer 2010 - Really Easy Dashboard

A zip of the presentation below; (993.81 kb)

The free Visio Map shapes from Microsoft; Visio Map shapes

The other free Visio Maps I used were from;

The scripts (for tabs etc) are here;

The Fab 40 Site Templates for SharePoint 2010;

The original Fab 40 Site Templates for SharePoint 2007;

Below there are a number of books listed that go into much more detail on End User Solutions than I can here;